As a lot offices do, we here in the now Townsquare building have been holding a 'Secret Santa' for almost as long as I've been running aimlessly around these halls and annoying you on the air (May will be 10 years). Like many of the get togethers we have here from the annual Chili Cook Off (that Boris from WPDH always wins with grace and humility) to Thanksgiving Dinner to various Pot Lucks this one is greatly anticipated, if for no other reason than the silliness of some of the gifts and for the fact that we're all, at this point in the year, losing our minds.

You see a couple of years ago it was decided, for fun and to take the monetary pressure out of the equation, to limit the Secret Santa to something from a Dollar Store with the initial thought being just presents for $1. Though the presents don't necessarily stick to the $1 rule a Dollar Store for the shopping does.

My many thanks go out to my Secret Santa for the thermos that I will actually be able to use (Bob in production got a child's bowling ball and pin set - ammo at best) though sadly it didn't come wrapped with some intended soup already inside, like Tomato with maybe a grilled cheese sandwich?

For my Secret charge, John in sales, I bought a "Happy Holidays" mug and Santa coasters that will surely end up in the back of a kitchen cabinet in his home somewhere to eventually become a housewarming gift for the next person that buys his house. I also included with the gift a roll of scotch tape so that when he's either 1 - so impressed with the present I got him he'll have help wrapping the present he now feels obligated to get me or when 2 - he thinks the present sucks so bad that he will have help wrapping the present he re-gifts to someone he doesn't like.

A big thanks goes out to JB (Jill from traffic) and Anthony (from everywhere else) for getting this organized. Also of special note is Jill's fine and expert use of her megaphone to run the nix the megaphone...please.


Outside of the Secret Santa-ing I did get a separate and very cool gift from our Jo-Jo in Traffic, the little stuffed Frankenberry fella that you see in the pic. Well, he now has his own thermos and, if he is anything like this Frankenberry it will be re-purposed to be a large beer tankard.