The "World's Oldest Barber" calls the Hudson Valley home and at 106, Anthony Mancinelli has no plans on hanging up his clippers.

It's pretty inspiring to know that Anthony still loves going to work and it makes you wonder if retirement is really what we should be striving toward. When you find a job you love, it gives you purpose and there really is no reason to retire, no matter how old you are. The video below was taken at his 105th Birthday.


Anthony is still getting it done at Fantastic Cuts in New Windsor. He is the Guinness World Record holder for "Oldest Barber in the World."  He has held that record for the last five years. The Times Herald Record visited Anthony on his 106th Birthday and they found out that he used to own a barber shop in Newburgh. He offered more than just hair cuts.

services he offered included wart-burning and a now-unconventional treatment for high blood pressure: leeches. Mancinelli said the neighborhood drug store sold leeches for 2 cents each, and he would stick them on customers to lower their blood pressure.

The owner of Fantastic Cuts, Jane Dinezza told the Record that people come from all over the world to get a haircut from Anthony. He has done all the different hairstyles, since he started back in 1924. Can you imagine doing your job at 106 years old? Anthony you are truly amazing!