It's gonna be HUUGGGEEEE!!! A 4,000-ton steam generator will be passing under the Mid Hudson Bridge on Monday evening and it won't have much head room.

This gigantic hunk of machinery will be coming down the Hudson River from the Albany area as it makes it's way to New Jersey. According to HVNN, the giant Heat Recovery Steam Generator is 126 feet high and that could be a tight fit.

Then the journey south gets a little interesting when the structure will squeeze under the 135 foot clearance of the Mid Hudson Bridge, with just nine feet to spare.

That's only 9 feet of clearance, but I don't think the river will rise that much even with the rain we are expecting today. This steam generator is coming from a place called the Port of Coeymans, which is right near Albany. They ship stuff all over the world and you have probably seen their barges and tugboats on the Hudson River before.

If you want to get a look at this massive structure, it should be traveling under the Mid Hudson Bridge around 7:30 ish on Monday evening. Head down to Waryas Park for a ground's eye view or it might be cool to watch it from the Walkway Over the Hudson.


The video below is just to give you an idea of how big this steam generator really is. I don't know if the company in the video is the same one that will be shipped down the river on Monday.