So a mom, Amy, who has a Blog called was doing some cleaning and came across one of her 8 year old son's composition books that he uses to write stories, draw pictures and, in this found book, to make lists. Important lists...very important lists. I mean does it get any more important than an 8 year old's rules for living and not dying? I think not. It also comes with some very dramatic artwork to illustrate some of the rules.

Now when my Maria's son was this age he too could have written up some rules that would have been both universal and at the same time peculiar to him just as this list is for young Noah. Some of the JG's rules would have surely included say "Only talk to your imaginary friends at night in the dark" (to truly creep out your adults) which would have come with a drawing of one of his strange L-shaped snake things, maybe one that warned "Never fall off your chair and hurt your jewels" or even one like "Never wash the cat where you might get scratched." This too would have come with one of his L-shaped snake thingies except maybe covered in fur.

Now for this list here there are plenty of universal rules for kids and adult alike, plenty of rules that are really just plain 'hey dummy' common sense like the obvious don't die nature of #44 - Never let go of a parashoot, or the straightforward #13 - Watch out for damige, more of the very obvious #8 - Never get sqasht by a giant (not only would this one have been on my list at 8 but it's on my list now) and a genuine analogy for life that some of us have never heeded #23: Never spin on a spinning thing where you will fall.

And the best part about young Noah's list is that he may have come across one rule that could very well prove to be the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything that the late Douglas Adam's so brilliantly had Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect searching for in book 3 of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

So check out number 30 and maybe you can get a glint of a life key. Beware though as not even he knows where this one came from or what the hell it means. A higher power in a dream maybe after being hipmotisd by a snake or the TV? We may never know. If only this one had been numbered 42 we would definitely know it to be truly prophetic.

What about you and your kids now or when they were younger? What were some of the truly unique yet universal ways they viewed the world and the rules that they obeyed.

via Neatorama and Miss Cellania