As I write this my mom is England with her family, her one surviving brother and my cousins, and I couldn't be happier for her. Though I do miss the mom's day lunch or phone call that she would expect I'm just glad she gets to see her home again. I don't envy someone being away for so long.

To her that has always been the rock of our family, especially for my dad who passed away almost 12 years now, I wish a Happy Mother's Day. My brother, my sister and I could not have asked for anyone better to have filled the 'mom' role than her. We have put her through the family ringer over the years but she has never faltered from her devotion to us and, more importantly, she has never faltered from herself.

After the long, difficult years with my dad and his cancer, never leaving his side, my mother came into her own. She has 'smelled the roses', doing what brings a smile and a laugh,  while always being the person we've loved so dearly, just moreso.

I know this is said about many mother's but she is, to us and to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of her company, the kindest and wisest person we have ever known. She has always been there. My own difficulties being away from home, especially when dad was sick and the guilt I felt. My divorce and subsequent hiding from the world which I know hurt her. My move back home and eventual trip back into a job I love again.Hell, she even dealt with a name that became a larger than life pink cereal character when I was 7.

There is no one I've been able to turn to over the years like my mother. As beautiful, caring, loving and, most importantly, non-judgemental a person as there has ever has been.

To you mom, from Beck, Nick and myself...there is no greater love than the one we feel for you. And, Happy Granny's Day from Jake and Matty too.

Enjoy being 'home' ma. You so deserve it. xXoO.