Yesterday, it was hot.  The heat index, was quite high.  At one point yesterday afternoon, the temperature was 82 degrees, factor in the heat index it was 88 degrees.  I like to call that the real feel.  That was your body feels like the actually temperature is.


If you thought, Tuesday was hot, then wait for today.  The National Weather Service is calling for mostly sunny skies with a high temperature of 92 degrees.  Once again, factor in that heat index and our real feel temperature will go up near 100 degrees.  Probably more like around 97 or 98 degrees, but that what it will feel like outside.

With temperatures like that, important to take precautions.  Plenty of fluids, especially water if you're planning on being outside.  Sun protection, yes with the direct rays of the sun, you might need some sunscreen and a hat.  It's a great time to check in on elderly neighbors.  Don't forget about your pets.  They too will be feeling the heat.