You don't have to travel far for some adventure and amazement. The Hudson Valley offers plenty of excitement and beautiful destinations, if you just know where to look. So for this LocalLook, we're checking out the Peter J. Sharp Park in Beacon.

You could call it a park within a park because the Peter J. Sharp Park sits on the northeast side of The Long Dock Park in Beacon. Named after a big supporter of the arts, Peter J. Sharp was an entrepreneur and hotelier as well as a real estate developer, who died of melanoma at the age of 61 years old. His foundation gave generously to develop and revitalize that part of Long Dock Park.

At the most eastern part of the Peter J. Sharp Park, hugging the Hudson River, is the George Trakas’s environmental sculpture known as Beacon Point. Beacon Point is made of wood and steel, one part wooden deck and one part floating steel platform. The sculpture is designed with steps, pathways, railings and evening a footbridge that creates not only stunning views, but also dramatic sounds from the mixture of waves hitting this unique dock. This sculpture boardwalk is a favorite for those looking to fish, fall in love or watch the sunset on the Hudson.