Happy Thanksgiving.  We thought it would be a cool idea to take you back a few years to when Poughkeepsie had a Thanksgiving Day parade.

The year is 1951, and one of the big staples in the City of Poughkeepsie was the Luckey-Platt & Company Department Store.  Actually, it was the a shopping destination for the entire Hudson Valley. The store began in the late 1890's and was very successful, until the 1970s when it needed to downsize. They even expanded to different locations like Fishkill. The main mall was built all because of Luckey-Platt & Company Department Store. By 1981, the department couldn't pull it off anymore and closed its doors.

There isn't much information on the Thanksgiving Parade, but I would assume it was modeled after Macy's Day Parade in NYC. At least, that was the idea. Not sure if the parade was on Thanksgiving Day or before the actually day.  Also not sure how many years, they sponsored the parade.