Esquire recently conducted a poll of a thousand guys to gauge what the level of 'normal' is for men. Most of the results to some interesting questions were right in a 'normal' guy's window though it would be really interesting to see what a thousand women might survey if they answered these questions for a guy.

"Do you enjoy watching sports on TV?" This was pretty much a slam dunk. Though only 10% claimed immense enjoyment, 28% said some and 33% said a little. That's 71% total that are watching sports at some time so that still fits what may be considered par.

When it comes to sports you are? This was another that seemed to fit the guy bill with 12% fanatic and 47% fans of a particular team while only 12% said sports weren't their thing.

Almost no guys had trouble peeing next to another guy at a urinal, 60% of guys wouldn't look if a pic of a famous guy naked hit the internet (30% would glance to see what the famous competition had going on, which I get) and 96% of guys have never gotten a spray tan.

Though ladies may or may not find this surprising, 37% of men aren't fans of strip clubs and only 31 percent even like it a little. Thirty-seven percent claimed to have cried in the last month (a good deal probably because they had to go to someone's bachelor party at some hole of a strip club).

I didn't get that over 70% of guys enjoy cooking a lot or some for friends or family. Family I get but friends? That's what drive thru's are for on your way over or delivery when you get here (buying would be nice). And, still on the cooking, only 29% of guys said they wouldn't like watching a show about cooking for friends or family while the rest would watch even a little. There's televangelists I'd watch first...enough with the cooking.

56% used moisturizer in the last month. This is kind of like the cooking.

Other than that it was a pretty fair survey with, I think, reasonably expected results. So for you ladies out there check out the results and see what you think. Is this a 'normal' guy....and is he alright or disappointing?

Note: There were no questions about house cleaning or chores so you won't see any results filled with obvious lies.