This is a picture of my husband Joe and members of his band "The Phantoms" rehearsing in our living room for a gig this weekend. At first glance one might think what a lovely picture (taken by my step daughter Jasmine, who does vocals in the band). Our living room is a pretty room filled with my treasures and Joe's wonderful instruments. There are our dear friends, Charlie on keyboards and Mike on bass along with Joe on his double neck's very Norman Rockwell, a life filled with music and friends!

....But wait just a that my husbands filthy sneaker perched on my antique coffee table, right on top of my silk table runner that perfectly matches the mother of pearl candlesticks, matching hanging tea light star and amber ball?...What the Hell?!!!

You see this is exactly why we can't have nice things in my house and why there are days when a glass of wine is the only thing that prevents me from making my husband live in his someone else's driveway.

Marriage and particularly living together is really hard on a relationship and I don't think the high divorce rate is going to change unless we have a rule that couples cannot live together. That's right, get married, but get separate living quarters! It's the only way..... Would anyone like to give my husband a place to stay?