A follow up to a story we reported on a few months ago, about area codes changes happening in the northern parts of the Hudson Valley. In that story, we told you that residents living the 518 area code had finally run of numbers. The New York State Public Service Commission was adding another area code within the 518 area code, 838. The time has come to make those changes happen.

Beginning Saturday, August 19, residents in the 518 area code will need to dial all ten digits to place a call. Example: if you want to call 828-1080, you'll need to dial 518-828-1080, as if you were out of the calling area.

Then, one month later, the new area code will kick in. On Saturday, September 19, the new 838 area code will go into service.  As reported in our last article, no one was expected to have to change numbers. This was for new numbers within the 518 area code.