update: Winter Weather Advisory issued until 4pm on Christmas Day, December 25.

How does the song go? I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. If you are dreaming, your dream will come true. The National Weather Service is calling for a snow fall on Christmas Eve and then a windy day on Christmas Day.

The National Weather service describes this low that’s moving in as “a double barrels low structure.”  To sum it up, we have a low-pressure system coming in from the Ohio alley and a coastal low.  The first low will give us snow, the second low will take over in Christmas Day to produce a windy day.

The way the forecast is shaping up, snow will spread into the area by late Sunday night and most of the snow fall will happen before daybreak on Monday.   The steady snow will begin by midnight.

The National Weather Service, expects to issue a winter weather advisory for Orange and Putnam Counties and possible the rest of the area as well.

Expected snow fall is 2-4 inches for Dutchess and Ulster, and 4-6 inches for Orange and Putnam Counties.

A wind advisory is expected to be issued for Monday, as wind gusts will be 40 to 50 mph.

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