Came across a post the other day at about toilets you have to 'occupy' before you die.

Why do you have to 'occupy' you ask? Well, when you see of them you'll see why. Some have psychedelic themes, some are made of gold, some allow you to have 'company' and some are bit futuristic.

If you have expensive tastes and high hopes for your lifestyle #4 might be up your alley.
If you're a little modest or might not want to join the bear in what he does then #12 is so not you.
Maybe you'd like to to look thinner while going about your business? Depending on the angle #19 could just work for you.
Don't be drunk and try to use #23
#6 is just wrong and #22 is really sad.

So after looking at all these fancified facilities I got to thinking about bathrooms a bit more, or restrooms if you're more comfortable. I went to and searched the word 'bathroom' locally. Now, I understand that bathrooms are certainly part of the experience of staying in a hotel or dining out but, holy cow, there is a lot to be said about them in the Yelp reviews.

Some are very earnest letting you know of all the amenities that are available and even go the extra mile to let you know of possible complimentary aromatherapy bath soap for the hot tub.

Some are reviews that are solely devoted to a bathroom story...a really long, involved bathroom story, one that is 9 paragraphs long.

One review of a local live venue used the phrase "it has a little bit of that nasty, dirty bathroom integrity that venues should have" raising bathrooms as a lofty character description to a new low.

Another review was able to justify a dingy room with deep grease stains in the carpet and an inadequate bathroom with tiles that slid or broke under your feet by balancing it with the positive of a nice friendly staff and good breakfast which is better than, say, the only positive being 'on the other end from the crack dealers'.

Then I read one review that mentioned, even before getting to the bathrooms, finding blood stains and other, um, soils on the linens but then went on to say that the stay was 'OK' after that.

I stopped reading the reviews.

But I did get to thinking about bathrooms a bit more and thought about the ones we have here in the building especially with the fact that they are finally due to be remodeled. They are normal bathrooms with the exception of the specialty lock, with a code, on the ladies room door.


Not exactly sure why, I went up to the front to ask Stephanie and Marissa....

Again, I'm glad to know that the lock on the door wasn't deemed necessary for any reason in the 10 years that I've been here...and I'm good with not knowing any more details than that.