Sometimes I pretend that I'm a princess and my husband, the prince, starts my day with a text extolling my virtues and beauty, professing his undying love and dedication to our life together and saying something like his heart will ache until I return home....but NO!!!! My husband actually sent me a text at 8:28 am, this morning, while Mark and I were on the air asking how he could get blood and guts out of the carpet!...seriously?..I can't make this stuff up!

The problem is, our wonderful cat Juliette, who is now an only child due to the recent death of our cat Zena and Juliette has decided to single handedly wipe out the entire rabbit and rodent population in Ulster County...and I can honestly say, we are not enjoying it.

It made me wonder as I quickly texted Joe back to tell him what to do...(since I'm usually the one to deal with these crises), whether there was something wonderfully morbid online to explain how to deal with this...and no surprise, there was!

This could come in handy sometime!