So, on (actually under) the mess that is my desk, I found something I completely forgot about...and almost too late. A note of reminder from one of our sales folks for her daughter to order Girl Scout Cookies if I wished. If I wished? They're Girl Scout Cookies for God's sake! You can't not!

Now forgetting or misplacing stuff happens on a regular basis but you would think, when it comes to cookies, I couldn't possibly forget this now could I? Or maybe, knowing me well, with being me an all, I left this on my desk for the very reason that, though it is a mess, it is a mess I rifle through every day? Quite possibly the reason you see it sitting there in the center of the desk under all that organization.


But coming across this, and getting hungry, made me remember a post I put up on the site a few months ago when the topic of Girl Scout Cookie time returning was fresh and came with the irresistible pressure to buy them that we all feel. It includes a test to see exactly what type of cookie you are as well.

Read it here: Fear of the Irresistibility