The Amenia Steakhouse had a hungry visitor over the weekend and he helped himself to some leftovers out back.

Amenia Steakhouse serves up some tasty steaks, burgers and even grilled salmon. It sounds pretty mouthwatering and a local bear has recently been dining at the dumpster located behind the popular restaurant.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that Michelle DeKleine was pulling into the parking lot on Sunday, when she saw the Black bear pulling stuff away from the dumpster. The staff at the Amenia Steakhouse have seen this happen before.

DeKleine said she alerted restaurant staff, who reportedly told her that the bear — and another, smaller bear — had been there before and hadn’t bothered anyone.

Don't forget that bear will be more active this time of year as they are eating a lot before hibernating for the winter. The DEC reminds you to not leave garbage outside and don't throw food out in your yard to feed the "wild animals." Restaurants should clean their dumpsters with ammonia because that helps keep the bear away. However, there is no such thing as a "bear proof dumpster."