An Alligator was captured near Whitney Point last week and it appears it wasn't the only one. The question is: How many gators are living in the Tioughnioga River near Binghamton?

When the first alligator was captured by DEC about a week ago, many people said it was not the same one that they saw. Officials insisted that they had the alligator, but check out this video showing lots of town people saying there is probably more than one out there.


According to WBNG, another alligator was caught on video and it was posted to Facebook on Sunday. Tens of thousands of people have already watched that video and the Mayor of Whitney Point thinks it's real.

The village's mayor also posted on Facebook saying: "it's safe to say that a second alligator exists."

Whitney Point is a small town with a population of only about 1,000 and the gator/gators have brought some excitement to Broome County. The area also had lots of media attention when the world seemed to be waiting for the Giraffe at the  Animal Adventure Park to give birth live on the internet.

The DEC is now on the hunt for a second alligator, but it makes you wonder if there could be more than two. We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

UPDATE -  The gator second was captured on Monday.



Do you believe that gators live in the New York City sewer?