One of the things that makes our building work, our collective of radio stations from WPDH to WRRV to the Wolf and, of course the Mix, is that we are a mostly well oiled team (lol) and, most importantly, a family. If this is an envy of some of you my apologies. If it is something you share then hooray to that.

Now, as families go, we have our moments of bickering, frustration and even anger just as any family and, in this case, a family that is trying real hard, every day, to continue being a successful group of radio stations. There are no off days. But also, as any family, we are just that. We all genuinely care about each other, have concerns about each other's lives, have each other's backs. But when there comes moments to celebrate?...Well, we grab that off day that I said we don't have and we celebrate, as we did at Locust Grove Saturday night, coming together to rock the wedding of our beloved Anthony Verano, one of the smartest, hardest working and creative guys I have ever met.

-fb - the whole crew

He married his love, Ashley, and danced, ate and drank to a great time and a promising life ahead, letting go the pressures of work, at least for one grand night, with family and friends all the while looking pretty damn smart in his white vest and tie with his beautiful new wife at his side. Hell, he looked so good I would have married him myself...if I wasn't already involved with my own love ya know. But I did make sure to give him a big ol' kiss on his happily sweaty forehead. Twice.

And we were all there. Beth Christy from the Wolf. Boris from WPDH. Simon from WRRV. Jill from traffic along with our old traffic pal Jess. Mike from promotions. Jeremiah, our former promotions guy now in Danbury doing the same and, thankfully, part of the larger Townsquare gang as well. Jeremiah's better half, Allie, a former building alum, was, of course, there too (thanks for conversation and the ride home). And C.J. from the Wolf was the DJ master. It was a family affair...a much enjoyed family affair.

-fb - Jess, Jill and Andrew
-fb - Mike and Gina
-fb - Andrew and Bill

To Anthony and Ashley? A long, prosperous life you two....with many babies of course (I said that without any nudging from mom or dad Anth). If Anthony's mom's constant tears of joy were any indication, well, it was a damn fine night.

Did I mention family by the way?

For me it was a truly memorable couple of days. I got a chance to spend an early evening over dinner with my mom, brother, sis and significats for the first time in far too many years, something I have dearly missed and I followed it with a night with my radio gang, celebrating a friend of friends.

-fb - cheese

...and there was cheese. Gouda if I'm not mistaken. No, I don't know either.

I closed the night with a JG and me selfie...yeh, I take them too. .

-fb - fb and the JG

Cheers all!