On this Easter weekend, as we are, hopefully, getting ready to spend some time with family it's time for the guys out there to take a look at themselves or for their partners to do the looking for a good giggle.

If your dad is still around (or even if he sadly is not) try to remember some of the things he used to do when you were a kid that made you look at him and laugh at "how old" he was. Now if you're around 38 or up look at yourself. Do you sport any of these signs in a list I came across? I can check of a few...

1.  You fall asleep in the living room.

Is football on? If so, I'm there.

2.  You have a special chair that's only for YOU to sit in.

Have had one since I was 5, a little awkward to get out of now though.

3.  Your dancing becomes awkward.

In my minds legs I'm Astaire-like, though in the real world's eyes I probably just look like a white guy at a wedding

4.  You spend more time out in the shed.

Yay! Here's one I'm not checking off....sigh...if only I had a shed.

5.  You tell lame jokes.

They're called puns thank-you.

6.  You don't recognize any popular music.

Oh I recognize it alright...I just don't like a lot of it.

7.  You start spending longer on the toilet.

I'm not here on this one. There is only one bathroom at the FrankenGreco Ranch along with two other humans who only need to use the bathroom when I'm in it yet blame me for only using it when they need to go. Sound familiar? Plus the door doesn't close very well and what's behind it immediately becomes some sort magical animal realm that all four in my house need to experience the moment I enter.

8.  You start paying closer attention to the thermostat.


9.  You get excited about appliance sales.

No (thank God).

10.  You embarrass your kids and think it's funny. 

This is blissfully entertaining when I do it to the JG, so yes, check me off here. It used to be especially fun at the bus stop, needing a shave and half awake in my jammies, army surplus looking jacket and old sneaks. He was surprised I didn't smell like gin and sweat as well.

Miss ya this Easter Dad.

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