I received an email about school bus safety last week from the Dutchess County Sheriff and County Executive Marc Molinaro as they teamed up with Dutchess County Traffic Safety Board to remind all in the area about school bus safety.

So with this week and next being the ones where kids are indeed heading back I thought I'd hit some of the highlights and provide you with the link to the tips because, as someone who has waited at the end of our driveway on route 300 in Newburgh for the last 6 years, I have witnessed first hand far too many times where school bus safety and that of the kids is not top of mind to some drivers.

First and foremost is State Law and that is coming to a complete stop when approaching a bus that has its red lights on. And this is required pretty much everywhere and approaching from any direction on a regular roadway or on divided highways, multiple lane roadways, parking lots and on school grounds.

If you want to experience zero tolerance from the Sheriff's Department? Get caught not coming to a complete stop.

Also never pass a stopped school bus one because it's the law, two because it's a serious offense with stiff fines and three because it's just dumb.

When the lights on the bus are yellow that is your cue to start slowing down.

Also just be aware of the kids, it's that simple. Some may be standing real close to the roadway while others may be running late to catch the bus and not pay attention to traffic. Though I made sure the JG was on his toes and didn't mess around at the end of our driveway the best general rule is for you to watch out for the kids, don't expect them to watch our for you.

All of the really dumb pieces of driving that I've seen over years could easily have resulted in something far worse and it has always bothered me that the answer to all this is to just slow it down and think. And again the common sense I mentioned above.

Here's the link to the General Safety Rules courtesy of the Dutchess County Government. It's a good read!

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