Builders in China, in their haste to impress Party Leaders, have cut some serious corners while finishing off a running track...literally.

They actually cut corners, or in this case painted them. I've never built a running track so I wouldn't know but apparently right angles are a heck of a lot easier to paint than curves for the oval that runners, for some reason, insist on. Picky buggers those runners huh?

Thankfully the head of Heilongjiang's (trying saying that and chewing gum) Track and Field Sports Administration, Li Yuxue, explained why runners are just so darned demanding, "Right angle corners will slow a runner down and stop them achieving good results"...Oh, I get it now. Thanks Li.

The builder on the other hand tried to explain his reasoning behind the corners and why they, most obviously, would be a better option than curves as they would "avoid collisions."...Well, good point and also very safety conscious. Commendable.

Whichever is the better option I couldn't really say, I haven't seen a track since I hurdles and I argued quite heatedly in High School and I don't watch the Summer Olympics. This, though, might have added a new element to track and field that just might make it interesting enough to turn on ESPN 36 for a minute or two.