A Black Ice Advisory has been issued for the Mid Hudson Valley and this weather whiplash of warmer temps, followed by freezing is to blame.

The past few weeks have made this winter a struggle for many here in the valley. Arctic temperatures and then a couple of days in the 40's and 50's have brought black ice into the area. This can be one of the most dangerous parts of walking and driving at this time of year because it's hard to see black ice until it's to late.


According to the Daily Voice, the heavy rain we had on Friday night set the stage. Today a blast of cold has come back into the region and that is what causes the problem. Please be extra careful when heading out today.

Any standing water will freeze resulting in black ice conditions on untreated walkways, sidewalks, parking lots and roadways, the weather service said. Motorists and pedestrians should use extra caution when venturing out.

About 10 years ago, I stepped out of my front door onto some black ice and suffered a terrible fall. The result was torn cartilage in my left ankle that I needed an operation for. If I had fallen just two inches closer to my house, I would have slammed my head on a concrete step and probably wouldn't be here to tell you about any of this.

The upcoming week is going to be very cold and icy. Be prepared for patches of black ice when walking and driving. The video below shoes some clip on ice traction devices you can use to give you a safer walk during the winter.