Calling all my fellow comic book nerds! This is our weekend as the Javits Center once again plays host to this year's New York Comic Con. Now here in the Hudson Valley, we do have our own Hudson Valley Comic Con happening every May, but if you can't wait till next year to get your cosplay and camaraderie on then jump on Metro-North and head down into Manhattan and over to the Javits Center. Now every year at Comic Con is a little different, but I've put in the legwork to tell you what you need to know before you go.

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1. What's Missing This Year
Every year New York Comic Con gets bigger and better and closer to being like San Diego, which means that sometimes the staples of the convention become scarce. If you don't arrive first thing, you run the risk of not being able to get any lanyards for your pass. So make sure to bring your own or find a way to carry your pass comfortably. Also, something that is super scarce at this year's Comic Con is the convention's iconic program guide. Within the first few hours of opening day the convention ran out of programs urging patrons to download the conference's app on their phone.
2. What's New This Year
This year's Comic Con is bigger than ever. It has more promotions and giveaways than ever before, from the Syfy channel to Marvel to even Chevy and Geico, these companies are giving away tons of free swag. So if you're willing to make the line and put in the time, you can go home with some ultra cool swag.


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3. Some Things Never Change
Some things just always stay the same. From year to year NYCC always has long lines, a lot of waiting on restrooms and bag checks. This year with so many free giveaways you can almost leave your backpack at home and instead pick up one when you're at the convention. Oversized free comic swag bags are all the rage this year and they can even come and backpack form too.
4. What To Bring
Make sure to always bring to New York Comic Con plenty of fluids. The convention center can get hot and lines can be long, leaving you very dehydrated. Another must for the convention is comfortable footwear. You'll do a lot of walking, a lot of standing and not a lot of resting those feet. But as always the biggest thing you need for New York Comic Con is a positive attitude. So, whether you decide to dress up as your favorite character and get in on some cosplay action or just observe the silliness, all you really need to bring is a positive, open-minded, outgoing and fun attitude.
5. What Should Not Be Missed
There is so much to see and do at this year's NYCC, but one thing that should not be missed is all things Star Wars. This year Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, himself will be stopping by for panels, fan interactions and the "Star Wars in Concert," which will feature original music from the Star War trilogy. Also, one should not miss the CEG Cosplay Cruise. This unique event mixes the best of NYC and those who love Cosplay on the high seas.
 To get more information on the Hudson Valley Comic Con head to and to get info on NYC's Comic-Con head to their NYCC Website.