The Winston Farm in Saugerties is for sale and if you can get your hands on about $10 million, you can own the land that spawned one of the greatest mud puddles I have ever experienced.


I was there back in '94 and the place was a mess. Tickets were selling for over $100, but I think 80 percent of the people crawled under the fencing and got in for free. There were assurances by people running it that there would be plenty to eat and drink, but vendors ran out of everything early.

I remember sharing a Pop Tart I had brought in my backpack with a scantily clad, mud covered woman who begged me for some. It was a "Woodstock moment" how we bonded over that preservative filled piece of cardboard. You know - "Peace,Love and processed food."

When it started pouring on that Saturday, the Winston Farm became one of the biggest mud pits I have ever seen. The whole place became a playground for thirsty, stoned, hungry concert goers. People were feeling free and they just started playing in the mud, like little kids. Well it was a bit more demented than little kids, actually a lot more demented. Nobody cared what was in that mud and believe me - THERE WAS STUFF IN THAT MUD!

Ask anyone who was there and they will tell you that you couldn't wash the mud stains out of your clothes and sneakers. It was there long after the music ended. I walked out of there, passing thousands of mud covered people, trying to catch a school bus back to wherever they parked their cars. It looked like a war zone, but hey - that's rock right?

If I had $10 million to buy Winston Farm, I would seriously think about it. August 1994 was a great time. The music was amazing, but the Mud and that Pop Tart will be what I remember most.