I'm not sure if you have heard this, but it's snowing! The TV and internet are filled with reports about snow, snow and more snow. You may have spent the better half of today viewing all of your Facebook friends trying their hand at weather reporting.

Here it is February 9th and we finally have a good old Hudson Valley Snowstorm. The kind of storm where you look out your window and say: "Damn - I don't think we have any wine around here!" You're snowed in and you are loving every single sweatpant wearing, raw cookie dough inhaling, Judge Judy watching minute of it.

There are endless reports and videos of Winter Storm Niko on your Facebook feed. It makes you realize that hey - "it must be snowing!" I thought I would step outside and take you away to a time that has yet to come.

Join me for a momentary FAKE NEWS REPORT. I have to make this very clear. THIS IS FAKE NEWS. The last time I didn't make it clear that I was making stuff up, a local Mall got bombarded with calls about the "Aquarium" in center court.  Got it - fake news.


There - that was harmless. Mount Beacon is not really a volcano, but it is the highest point in the Hudson Highlands. I used to ski on it when I was a kid. This would have been the perfect day to take the chairlift to the top and go straight down"Royal Road."

So there you have it. That is the way to do fake news kids. It's still more fun when you don't have to give a disclaimer, but lots of real news sites already do that.