Every year at the radio station, we have a Dollar Store holiday gift exchange. It is a fun way to get together for some snacks and laughs.

I always seem to gravitate toward buying stuff that I think is weird. I find lots of quirky things at the Dollar Store. Nothing says Happy Holidays more than handing someone a gift wrapped can of baked beans? That is the beauty of this kind of office gift exchange. I recommend you try it at your workplace.

This year I went shopping with my daughters and we found the strangest/creepiest gift. Check out the video that we did in the car after coming out of the store. Warning - Some may find the images in this video disturbing and hard to get out of your mind.


I know many of you find dolls kinda creepy. It seems like they may have taken body parts from another, more mature doll and attached them to this baby. When I was checking out, I asked the cashier if she thought this doll had abnormally large hands and she just started cracking up. I think she's going to have a hard time when someone else puts one on the checkout belt.

Happy Holiday to my co-worker Jill, who was the lucky recipient of this totally awesome gift. I hope it doesn't keep you awake at night!



The item in the video is believed to have been purchased at the Dollar Store. It may have been the Dollar Tree, Just A Buck or Dollar General. Either way - it only cost a dollar.