I had a great week off with my kids.  We went to Hershey Park for a couple of days, so it was my body being propelled at speeds it shouldn't be!

I don't know why, but I always wipeout on these waterslides.  My body usually gets air born when the tube I am riding on hits the landing pool at the end of the slide.  I never see anyone else have a problem, but I always wipeout and often have to be rescued by the lifeguards.  This trip was no different.  I had an epic fail on this slide.



Lifeguards pulled me out of the pool after I got stuck under the tube that I was riding with my 7 year old daughter.  She was still on the tube laughing at her Dad and how he got thrown off it.  I wound up at the First Aid station for a pretty good scrape on my knee which I hit on the bottom of the pool.  It was quite amusing for the hundreds of people waiting on line to get on the slide!

I did much better on the Roller Coasters.  Probably because I was buckled in and secured by a sturdy safety bar.  Let's go for a ride on the Storm runner.



I did that one right after lunch and kept everything down!  Here's video of one of the wooden coasters they have at Hershey.  I like the wooden coasters because they seem even more dangerous than the newer ones.



Great memories with my daughter's, even if I did swallow lots of pool water :)