Monday's terrorist attack in New York has brought a need for more explosive detection in the subway system. Bomb sniffing dogs trained right here in the Mid Hudson Valley are now working overtime in the city.

The pipe bomb attack under the Port Authority building on Monday morning could have been a major tragedy, but the explosive device wasn't very well made. Still four people were injured and the suicide bomber survived and is in custody. Many wonder how we can ever stop something like this from happening in the subway again.

Last year the MTA opened the largest police dog training center in the country and it's right here in the Hudson Valley. It cost $13 million to build and the 72 acre campus trains dogs in all kinds of security problems, with a large emphasis on explosive detection.  Reuters explains that only a small percentage of dogs make the cut.

Only about one in 30 dogs assessed at breeders are chosen for the canine police force. The dogs are mainly German Shepherds like Johnny or Belgian Malinois, high-energy breeds known for a strong desire to work.

The MTA Police Dog training facility in Stormville once again steps into the spotlight after the bombing this week. It is one of the most important parts of the ongoing battle against terrorism. We don't know how many threats these dogs trained in Stormville have already stopped, but you can be sure they will continue to save lives.