Before you know it the temperature will reach 28 degrees and you'll want to get outside again :)  Last spring I hiked up Mount Beacon near the tracks of the old incline railway.  There were times on that hike that I wished the old railroad was still working!  You used to be able to take the trolley straight up to the top.  It was the "World's Steepest Incline Railway".  Believe me it was steep, but it was a very cool ride.  The Mount Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society wants to bring it back.   It would cost about 20 million dollars to build and they estimate it will bring $30 million back every year.  We are not talking about turning Mount Beacon into Disneyland, but a nature preserve for all to appreciate.  I say let's get this project going.  Although the hike up sure was good for burning calories.