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Volcano or More Fake News from Bolger?
Lots of white stuff falling from the sky today and some would say it is snow, but my Fake News report tells a different story.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube I have never been around a live volcano, so this is the best I can do for you. Over the next week you […]
Is Bolger’s Goldfish Best of the Hudson Valley?
How many pet Goldfish have you had during your lifetime? I bet I can top that number by at least 12. However the current family fish could be the Best of the Hudson Valley. Sure it’s a Pipe Dream and that pipe might be filled with crack, but I am begging you. Right now the […]
Bolger’s ‘Snow Bone’ Predicting Another Bizzard Coming
The last couple of days have been really nice. Temperatures near 70 in February make it feel like spring is here. Unfortunately the Bolger “snow bone” has got a feeling that a big one is coming soon.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube If you like snow this is great news, but I don…
Bolger Shows You the Way to Do a ‘Fake News’ Report
I’m not sure if you have heard this, but it’s snowing! The TV and internet are filled with reports about snow, snow and more snow. You may have spent the better half of today viewing all of your Facebook friends trying their hand at weather reporting. Here it is February 9th and we fin…
Special Olympic Winter Games at Bowdoin Park
The 2017 Special Olympic Winter Games are coming to the Mid Hudson Valley in about a week and our snowstorm arrived just in time. This is the second year that the Games will be held here and if you remember last winter was a mild one. The 2016 Games still were a huge success, but […]
Bolger Recalls the Glorious Mud at Woodstock ’94
The Winston Farm in Saugerties is for sale and if you can get your hands on about $10 million, you can own the land that spawned one of the greatest mud puddles I have ever experienced.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube I was there back in ’94 and the place was a mess. […]
They Should Build an Aquarium at the Mall
A couple of years ago I got into trouble by making up a story about an aquarium at the Mall. I even put a fake blog about it on our website. Hey-it was April Fools Day and you know this was harmless fun. Turns out that it is a pretty good idea and I still […]
Bolger’s Dollar Store Holiday Gift Idea
Every year at the radio station, we have a Dollar Store holiday gift exchange. It is a fun way to get together for some snacks and laughs. I always seem to gravitate toward buying stuff that I think is weird. I find lots of quirky things at the Dollar Store. Nothing says Happy Holidays more [……
Bolger Is Back With His Accurate Weather Forecast
This morning was lots of fun and as you know it snowed on this October 27th. It was not a blizzard, but there were times where it was coming down hard enough to cause some people to be concerned. The National Weather Service was forecasting snow for a very short time this morning, but it […]

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