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Scenic Saturday Drive in the Shawangunk Mountains
Those of us who have lived here in the Mid Hudson Valley are spoiled. We have some of the most spectacular scenery in the country and fall is the best time to take a ride to “the Gunks.” My daughter Olivia has a talent for taking some pretty great pictures with her i Phone 6. [……
That Time Jimmy Fallon Talked About Me on the Tonight Show
My phone has been blowing up all morning and I have had a ton of private messages on Facebook. Jimmy Fallon and John Goodman talked about me last night on the Tonight Show. You probably know by now that Jimmy grew up in Saugerties and he used to listen to me when he was a […]
Fake Hudson Valley News Stories We Wish Were Real
There are so many ways that I wish I could prank the internet. There are many times I would like to write a fake news story on this blog, but not tell you it was fake. Unfortunately, the company I work for frowns on this. As a matter of fact, they would probably be more […]
When the Office Air Conditioning is Too Cold
Hey it’s the Dog Days of Summer and nobody should be complaining about nice cool air conditioning. First World Problems right? However the office air conditioning is a big issue that can make your workday that much tougher. Do you find yourself bringing a blanket to work like Kimberly Kay? I …
Bolger Gives 100 Percent Accurate Weather Forecast
I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of the weather people getting the forecast wrong. This weather thing is pretty simple and I guarantee you that my report for this weekend is 100 percent accurate.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube If I am wrong, please call the show on [&…
Roadtrip to House of Frankenstein Wax Museum
Looking for a road trip this weekend that will get your adrenaline and or funny bone going? Take a quick ride to the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum in Lake George. The Frankenstein House can be scary or goofy, depending on how you look at stuff like this.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube [&…
What Might Happen If You Go Whale Watching
This morning was the first day back on the air for Kimberly and I after having a week off for vacation. Kimberly spent her week around here and I went to Boston with my daughters for a couple of days.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube As you can tell, we were both having […]
What Not to Wear to Your First Zumba Class
The best thing you can do if you are starting a new workout regime is get the proper equipment. My co-host Kimberly is taking her first Zumba class at IXL Fitness today, so last night she went out and bought new sneakers!

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