Bolger’s World

What It Would Be Like If Bolger Got That Corvette
You may have heard me mention that I think Healey Chevrolet should bring a Corvette to the radio station, so I can drive it for a couple of weeks. Sure a test drive would be cool, but I really do think I am going to need the car longer, so it can get used to how I drive.
‘Multitasking’ Means You Are Just Disorganized
If you pride yourself on being a multitasker, I am going to say something you may not like. Most multitaskers are just disorganized. If you are doing twelve things at the same time, you can't convince me you are doing any of them well.
Help Raise Money for Town of Poughkeepsie K-9 Unit
The Town of Poughkeepsie K-9 Unit does incredible work in the community and one of their terrific pups is reaching retirement age. A new crime fighting dog is needed and you can help Mix 97.7 raise money to help buy a dog for the Town K-9 department.
Rick Knight’s Office is a Trekfest
The personal items that one keeps in their office say a lot about a person. If this is true, our afternoon guy Rick Knight is about to be beamed up to the Starship at any moment.
Bolger April Fools Confession
Over the years I have had some fun with our April Fools pranks on air. It get harder to trick the audience, not because I can't come up with an idea, but corporate frowns on these stunts by irresponsible DJ's like me.
Look What Bolger Found in His Food
I was a bit shocked the other day when I went to enjoy my yogurt here at work and found a foreign object in a package that was totally sealed. I was not really grossed out because I figure we eat lots of things that fall into our food.

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