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What Not to Wear to Your First Zumba Class
The best thing you can do if you are starting a new workout regime is get the proper equipment. My co-host Kimberly is taking her first Zumba class at IXL Fitness today, so last night she went out and bought new sneakers!
What It Would Be Like If Bolger Got That Corvette
You may have heard me mention that I think Healey Chevrolet should bring a Corvette to the radio station, so I can drive it for a couple of weeks. Sure a test drive would be cool, but I really do think I am going to need the car longer, so it can get used to how I drive.
‘Multitasking’ Means You Are Just Disorganized
If you pride yourself on being a multitasker, I am going to say something you may not like. Most multitaskers are just disorganized. If you are doing twelve things at the same time, you can't convince me you are doing any of them well.

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