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Did Kimberly Kay ‘Ariana Grande’ the Donuts at Work?
Radio stations are a magnet for junk food. That is why you don't see many radio DJ's that look like Chris Hemsworth. Listeners bring us food. We bring in cakes,pies,cookies and Donuts! Kimberly Kay was very excited that a co-worker brought in some Dunkin beauties this morning, but I didn&a…
Bolger’s Top 3 in Studio Kimberly Kay Videos
When you work with someone like Kimberly Kay, you just don't know what to expect from day to day. The only thing I can count on is that just about every show there is at least one "take me to Vassar" moment caused by her. Wacky, entertaining and scary are just three ways to de…
Bolger Visits the Marist Christmas Tree
I have often said that the Christmas tree on the campus of Marist College is my favorite. I drive by it at 4 am almost every morning on the way to work and it always puts me in the holiday spirit. I have only seen it from Route 9, but the other night I took my daughters to the campus to get an up cl…
How to Make Bolger’s Spanish Chicken
This may be one of the easiest and tastiest chicken dinners you will ever make. I am not an expert cook, but for some reason we get lots of people checking out videos of me in the kitchen. Come on Food Channel - how about: Mark Bolger is "The Accidental Chef"?
Best Selfie Spot in the Hudson Valley
This is the perfect time of year to get out and find the perfect place to take a selfie. The foliage is almost peak and there are so many beautiful places to use as a background for a picture of you.
Kimberly Takes the Belly Button Challenge
The latest weird challenge to hit the internet is the "Belly Button Challenge".  It is the hottest thing on the Chinese version of YouTube, with thousands posting video of themselves contorting to accomplish this feat.

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