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It’s Opening Day: A-Rod Is off the Steroids, Kimberly’s Not
In a strange bit of irony, baseball opens today with A Rod off the steroids and Kimberly Kay on them!  Kimberly plays pitcher and catcher of the bull that get thrown around here in the morning.  She was really sick last week and could hardly talk.  Her doctor prescribed oral steroids.
The Scary Stuff in Kimberly’s Bag [VIDEO]
I had another frightening moment this morning and yes - it did involve Kimberly Kay. In the middle of the show, I look over and there is a PILE of junk on her workspace!  It was spring cleaning time and Kimberly decided to empty her handbag.  Would you confess what is in your handbag?
What’s New in the World of Peeps?
We are coming into that Peeptastic time of the year when those little chickadees will be consumed in mass quantities.  Peeps are a favorite of millions and an addiction of my co-host Kimberly Kay.  She found a flyer in the paper that was all about the peeps.  They keep coming out with…
Bolger Rockin’ a Rhinebeck T-Shirt
I am all about the Hudson Valley and if I can wear some gear that shows it off - even better!  This Saint Patty's Day I was wearing my Rhinebeck T-shirt and Kimberly kept badgering me about it.  I think it's a cool marketing campaign for Rhinebeck, but it does raise a few questio…
Toys R Everest 2015 Bigger Than Last Year
I don't know how much snow we have gotten during the winter of 2014-2015, but the giant mound of snow next to the Toys R Us in the Poughkeepsie Plaza is bigger than last year! This is a follow up report on Toys R Everest and I'll be hoping this kind of reporting is going to win me a Pulitz…