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‘Screenagers’ Film About Parents Biggest Problem
'Screenagers' is a documentary by Delaney Ruston, who is a doctor and a filmmaker. It deals with the biggest problem that parents seem to be facing today. The amount of time your child spends infront of a screen is eating away at their life.
There Is a Dinner Theater in Fishkill?
If you are looking for a fun evening, you don't need to go any further than Fishkill. The Clove Creek Dinner Theater is located right off Route 9 and I 84.  You can make it a romantic evening as it is right in the Hilton Garden Inn, so get a room.
Amazing Must See Video from Band ‘OK Go’
My 16 year old daughter has introduced me to some incredible stuff online. She has really varied musical taste, so I get everything from Pop to Banjo masters. Last week she said:"Dad - You gotta see this video!"
Mark Bolger Meets Mark Bolger – Thanks to the Internet
It was kinda weird talking with Mark Bolger last week, mainly because I am Mark Bolger. I mentioned to Kimberly that someone had "Trumped" my Mark Bolger in the Morning domain named on the internet and she searched for That is how I found my brother from another mot…
Watch Local First – ‘To Be Forever Wild’
If you are like me, you missed the great documentary about the Catskill Mountains called:"To Be Forever Wild". Saugerties film maker David Becker worked with a small crew, including some Bard College graduates to make this inspiring film in 2014.
Grammy Award Winner Coming to Poughkeepsie
A Grammy award winning artist will perform at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in March.
According to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center's website, rapper and songwriter Lil’ Kim will perform on stage in Poughkeepsie on Friday March 11th.
The “Queen of Hip-Hop,” ha…

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