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Santana to Play Bardavon Gala in April
Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana and his band are coming to Poughkeepsie in April. Santana will be this year's entertainment for the Bardavon Gala on April 10. This is a rare chance to catch a band that normally plays large venues and tickets will go fast.
Dr. Ish Major from ‘Ex Isle’ Talks Breakups with Bolger
One thing we all have in common when it comes to love is - the bad breakup. If it weren't for the pain of a breakup, there would probably be about 4 songs on the radio. WEtv has a show called "Ex Isle" on Friday nights. It put couples who have just broken up on a secluded isla…
Travel Anywhere With Virtual Reality
If you can't get out of town for a vacation that is no longer a problem. Now you can travel to far off places with Virtual Reality. Take a look at this Grandma taking a Roller Coaster ride in the virtual world.
Puddles the Clown at Daryl’s House Sunday
If you are creeped out by clowns, Puddles might change your mind. Puddles Pity Party is a band that has been touring for the over 10 years and they come to the valley Sunday night at Daryl's House Club in Pawling.

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