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Mummenschanz Comes to Bardavon September 22
The Bardovon and UPAC have a great lineup of shows for the fall season and next week the incredible Mummenschanz comes to town. Imagine a show with no music and no talking, but everyone understands the language being spoken.   Subscribe to Mix 97.7 on Youtube Mummenshanz became a worldwide…
‘The Nerd’ Opens at Dinner Theater in Fishkill
The Clove Creek Dinner Theater has been open for a few months and things are about to get a bit nerdy. If you are looking for a fun evening of comedy and great food – “The Nerd” just might be what you are looking for. You didn’t know that Fishkill had a dinner theater? Tr…
5 Best Bike Trails in the Hudson Valley
You don't have to be a serious mountain biker to enjoy cruising many of the carriage roads and trails available in the Hudson Valley. Here are five of the best bike trails in our area for beginners or casual riders.
Pop Star In Broadway Revival
You probably know that I Love Broadway Theatre but back in my dating days, if I met a guy who told me the only Broadway show he’d ever seen was “Cats”, I knew that relationship was going nowhere. Yes, despite my love of cats the furry pet, “Cats” the musical is not…

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