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‘Happy Death Day’ Is A Killer Movie
Oh what better way to celebrate Friday the 13th in the month of October than to check out a horror flick. Out this Friday, which is the 13th, is Happy Death Day. The film celebrates the day in such a horrifying way.
Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’ Soars High
American Made is a classic Tom Cruise home run hit that will hopefully score big with fans at the box office because it is worth seeing. Plus, the film gives us a glimpse of Cruise back in the cockpit; can you say Top Gun 2?
‘It’ Is Scary Good
It's one of the most anticipated films of the Fall with finally its big screen debut. Hitting movie theaters this weekend is the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel It. The novel was turned into a miniseries in the 1990s, but now with the help of its lead actor Bill Skarsgard a full-le…
‘Annabelle: Creation’ Is Horrifyingly Good
There are scary movies and then there are scary movies that shock the crap out of you. Annabelle: Creation bucks the trend of corny and poorly writer horror films that are cheesy. No, Annabelle: Creation’s shudder comes from that place of true fear.
Mix At The Movies: ‘Kidnap’ Is A Nailbiter
We all know that Halle Berry is a mom in real life. That's why her latest roll in the movie, Kidnap, hits so close to home. In the film she gives a powerful performance as a mother desperate to save her child from his abductors.
Mix At The Movies: ‘The Dark Tower’ Is A Well Told Tale
Truth be told I am not well versed Stephen King's novels. Honestly, I wasn't that aware The Dark Tower comics either, that is the beauty of this story being told on the big screen. However this tale is told quite well so that even a novice can get right into the series and become a fan des…

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