Tinted Windows and Teddy Bears Illegal in New York State?
The “tinted window” law went into effect in NYS at the beginning of the year and I still see a lot of cars that look like they will fail inspection. What about other things that obstruct the view? According to the the Department of Motor Vehicles, the law is pretty clear when it comes …
Snow Melt and Rain Have Wappinger Falls Roaring
The massive amount of snow we just had, plus lots of rainfall, is adding to the loud roar of the Wappinger Falls. We will have some more rain this week and there is still snow melting from the last big storm. The Wappinger Creek is running at a very high level. We are not at […]
Stay Connected with the New Mix 97.7 App
Today it’s all about staying connected and our new free app helps you interact with all the cool stuff here at Mix 97.7. The new Mix 97.7 app let’s you do so many things with our radio station. Of course you can stream our shows, but you can also make instant requests and get alerts [&…
What’s Up With Abandoned Mercury Grand Hotel?
The Mercury Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie has been going through some sort of transformation, but what exactly is going on there? The Mercury Grand Hotel sits vacant on the busiest road in Dutchess County. There was a time not long ago when this place was always full. Times do change and new lodging h…

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