I am the proud father of three daughters and realize that it's the parents job to inspire self confidence in them.  I also realize that they don't always look to Dad or Mom as their only role model.  Young celebrity women hold great influence with them.

If you have a tween or teenage daughter, please show her this list of wisdom from some of today's biggest female stars.  These quotes are very inspiring and it gives me hope that not everyone wants to be Miley Cyrus.

Demi Lovato is huge with young women and she has gone to some of the deepest, darkest places a person can go.  Thankfully she has turned her life around and is doing great.  She also has lots of positive insight for girls.




Here in the Hudson Valley there are plenty of groups and people to help build self esteem for your daughters.  Parents will always be the front line in raising confident young women, but it's nice to know that we do have lots of help.