You only go round once in this life and there is no reason to do it driving anything less than your dream car. They say radio DJ's don't make a lot of money, but that's just a lie we tell to keep from being too popular.

Yeah it's time for Mr. Bolger to drop a little truth bomb on ya. Being a radio DJ can lead to riches beyond your wildest dreams. You may have heard me say that I'm just in the business for the free T-Shirts. Well that is true and I do have hundreds of them, but I want you to see how I really roll.


I'm surprised you're still reading this, but let me tell you about this car. I have no idea who owns it. The guy came to the radio station the other day and he went right into a meeting with upper management. That's all I know.

I do know that you can get one of these Lamborghini things right over the border in Paramus, NJ. The nice people at Lamborghini Paramus are inviting me down there to test drive one of these babies. At least that's what they said on their website.

Lamborghini Paramus is your Northeast headquarters for every available Lamborghini vehicle, part and accessory. Celebrate the new showroom by making an appointment to test-drive one of mind-bending supercars

Oh my mind is bent alright.  I'm not proud to admit this, but the video below is exactly what I imagine my life to be like. Every detail is spot on and this scares me. Is there someone at the advertising agency that made this commercial, coming into my house late at night and doing a brain scan on me?