I have a great  way to keep the inside of your car cleaner and it's absolutely free!

Floor Mats are probably the dirtiest thing inside your car, unless you drive around everyday with a dog that sheds. Mats get dirty in the summer, but the winter months can be really brutal on them.  Check out what I discovered a few months ago and it's free!


This free mat cleaner has been at the Foam and Wash Car Wash in Wappingers for a long time, but it's in the back by the self serve bays. If you drive thru the car wash, you may have never known about it. Using the vac on your mats is great, but this beats the dirt right out of them. It's also safe and kinda fun to use.

I like the Foam and Wash in Wappinger Falls because they also have their do it yourself Dog Wash and a really great laundromat, that even has 75 pound washers for those big jobs. If you need your car detailed, they do that too.

Stop in every couple of weeks to beat the dirt out of your floor mats and get the best car wash in the valley!