During the storm this week, Governor Cuomo decided to close I-84 statewide for the second time this winter.  State Senator Greg Ball publicly called the Governor out for his decision.  Ball says that sending the truck traffic off 84 and onto the secondary roads is a bigger hazard than leaving the road open.  Ball said "It's creating a real problem for our local highway crews and local officials, and we have emergency responders- including volunteers, nurses, doctor - they can't get to work."  I asked some of my friends on Facebook what they thought.  Was it right to close I-84?  Here are a few of their responses:

Sean Munk Not if it's because they "weren't prepared" and "didn't have enough salt on hand", so says Cuomo.

Brett Tracy Yes! Id rather see it closed for a day than to spend huge amounts of money we don't have because of the economy. Closing it was the best thing to do all around.

Maria de la Peña No. What about people who HAVE to drive on it to get to work...no snow days for them. And then they are forced to take smaller roads that are definitely not plowed and are way more dangerous.
This is NYS. It snows here. Let's get real.

Maria Schallenkamp My husband works in New Windsor(We live in the Town of Poughkeepsie),I was glad he didn't have to go.

Keri Frazier Peterson It's a state agency budgeting problem....shifting the chairs on the Titanic would not have worked either.

Catherine Joyner ABSOLUTELY, there are always options. Closing the road was the smartest thing at that point! It wasn't about being prepared we had what was needed it was about being able to do it properly and safety is always the most important thing. Everyone knew it was going to snow, if your job is that important, arrangements are made, if it's not then think ahead people! Always options!!!

Edward K. Thomas no, i could understand closinng all roads when visibilty is low but i think they were just itchin to use those fancy new blocking gates on the enterance ramps

Here is video of a recent truck accident on 84.