We've been spoiled by some warmer days, including today, Tuesday.  Daytime temperatures in the Poughkeepsie area reach 57 degrees.  It felt chiller this morning with the winds, but once the winds changed to the south, it wasn't bad.  If the sun had come out, that would have felt really nice.  Two gloomy days, followed by a rainy night.  Much needed rain for the area, it's been below average for rainfall.

Once this front passes through the Hudson Valley, expect colder conditions.  Back into the mid-40s for Wednesday, then low 40s and upper 30s for the weekend.  The National Weather Service, long-range forecast discussion is calling for colder weather to stay in place for a while.  They even mention the chance of snow, expect some of that in the higher elevations.  Monday brings a chance of some wet snow for the Hudson Valley.

No real predictions on a white Christmas.