There may be a debate about who discovered America, but Columbus Day is still a federal holiday.  It’s one of those holidays leave some people asking the question, what’s open and what’s closed?   We’ve done our best to put together a small list of things.

Banks are closed, along with the Post Office. That also means no mail delivery.  Federal, State and County offices are closed.  Most local government offices are closed as well.  Wall Street and the financial markets will be open.  Amtrak and Metro North run on normal schedules.

According to the Daily Freeman, Dutchess LOOP buses are running as normal, but Kington Citibus, has no service.  Ulster County area transit has no service expect for the Ulster-Poughkeepsie Link, which is operating on a Saturday schedule.

What about garbage pickup?  If you live in a city, like Poughkeepsie or Kingston, garbage will be most likely not picked up because of the holiday.  Most delay that by one day.  If you pay for garage pickup by Royal Carting or County Waste, best to double check.  We have Royal and they will be on a regular schedule.

What about your favorite radio personalities?  Most of them will also be on a regular schedule too.  Columbus Day is normally a work day in radio because of the fall ratings period.