If you need a candy fix while shopping at the Poughkeepsie Galleria, check out the really cool vending machine they have near the food court.

Sometimes when you are on a holiday shopping mission, you just need a candy pick me up. The Poughkeepsie Galleria has a pretty cool vending machine near the entrance to the Food Court on the backside of the mall. I like it because it takes credit cards and you get to mix things up a bit.


Sweet Amanda's candy machines are all over the place and I wish more vending machines would come with these kinds of options. According to their website, the whole idea was to incorporate today's technology into the highly profitable world of candy vending machines.

An all-star team was soon formed by searching for and recruiting the most cutting-edge IT engineers and proven veterans from the candy and vending machine industries. The team’s mandate: “To create a state-of-the-art candy experience that maximizes retail candy profits while at the same time capturing consumers’ attention like never before.

So for 4 bucks, you can have some fun at the machine and power your way through that shopping with the help of sugar. If you prefer something with more local and hands on, check out the Kingston Candy Bar. It's on Wall Street in Kingston and the selection of "old school" candy is really great. This is a great place to shop for that person who loves those candies from their childhood, that you can't find anywhere else.