If you are a parent of a child under the age of 14, you know the show Blue's Clues.  It was a landmark children's series on Nickelodeon.  We had Angela Santomero, the creator of the show on with us this morning.  She is working on a new project with Jason Priestley on Amazon Prime.

We talked about the original host of Blue's Clues Steve Burns.  He left the show many years ago to pursue a music career.  He even worked with the Flaming Lips!

Here is our interview with Angela.  We started out by asking her how Steve did all the interaction on Blue's Clues without ever seeing any of the animation.


Sounds like another great project from Santomero.  It will help keep your kids minds active over the summer school break.

Here is Bonus video for the parents who remember Steve Burns from Blue's Clues. Here he is performing some of his music.