There is no truth to the rumor that the "Creepy Clown Sightings" have made it here to the Mid Hudson Valley. I suspect it could happen at any moment, but so far there have been none. The sighting in Ulster County turned out to be false.

Chief of Police in Ellenville, Philip Mattracion is trying to calm residents down after someone claiming to be "Bubbo" the clown posted some weird stuff on Facebook.

“This agency realizes that fear regarding incidents involving clowns in Ellenville has spread, and tragically, some are using it to foster their own twisted ideas of pranks,”

People dressed as clowns that lurk in the dark have been appearing in various states for the past few weeks. They haven't done anything illegal. It's just freaking people out. Imagine you are outside at night and you see a clown standing near the woods just looking at you? That would be disturbing.

There were a couple of creepy clown incidents in the Albany area this week, but nothing official has happened here yet. I do think it is going to happen soon.

Ellenville Police are asking that the public contact them about any clown misinformation at (845) 647-4422. Stay tuned to our website for the latest on this weird story that just won't go away.


Clowns stress people out, so here is the amazing voice of Puddles singing "Stressed Out' by 21 Pilots.  Enjoy!