One of the really cool things about my job is that I get to talk to some very famous people.  David Brenner passed away over the weekend.  He was a legend in the world of comedy.  I talked with him a couple of times and he was incredibly funny.  I  spent about 15 minutes backstage with him when he appeared at Bananas comedy club many years ago.  My Mom was a big fan of David.  I got to bring her backstage to meet him.  He posed for pictures with my mother and he couldn't have been nicer.  It was a special night.  David was doing a radio show in New York at that time and he was talking to me about how hard it was to do a show everyday.  He was asking me for advice on certain aspects of the job.  Here was one of the all time greats in comedy picking my brain for help with his show!  We shared a few laughs and it was just a great visit.   Thanks David for all the years of great comedy.  You were a true original.