I will freely admit that I like the movie Dolphin Tale. Is it a I-rushed-out-to-the-theater-to-see-it kind of like? No, but if it's on the tube I'm set. If you didn't like it check and see if you still have a heart. I mean it's as feel good a flic as you can get. Is it a 'paint by numbers' feel good. Of course it is. I don't care. I like a lot of movies with the Rock/Dwayne Johnson for just the same reason.

Of course though, it is Hollywood which means any success won't go without attempts to 'build' on that success or to, more accurately, milk it. At least everyone from the first film is still on board including Charles Martin Smith as director (I've always really liked him going all the way back to American Grafitti). So a Dolphin Tale 2 is hitting theaters September and Gavin DeGraw has a new song on the Soundtrack called "You Got Me." It was written for the film by Diane Warren. it's sappy. I like it too.

Here's the official trailer.